Whatever happened to the experience potential of manifesting abundance? It has escaped us somehow, as we have forgotten who and what we are in Truth.  Money is not required to experience abundance. The materialization of objects and experiences can just as easily occur through other people – you do not have to be a magician and have everything appear through the palms of your own hands.

Any ineptness will fade away of its own accord, through diligence and practice.

Calibration links can be established to shift your resonation and vibration with the experiences you want to create concerning money and materialization of effects, in addition to performing activities or events through physicality.

Money is symbolic of an energy frequency band, and only one of the many appearances of Supply.

It is a medium of exchange, which takes on various forms depending on the international banking systems. We know that the money medium is often necessary to finance homes, vehicles, education, and much more. We also know that there exist yet today, civilizations that do not use metal discs or printed linen-paper, but instead, use barter systems for exchange. 

Do you think any of these people feel prosperous in their given habitats?


     Who Are You… on Earth?

Experiencing a broader range of prosperity could certainly include expanded income streams and financial resources stockpiled in tidy accounts. The point is, waiting for money to appear before your abundance is appreciated is in effect subscribing to scarcity. Expressing gratitude for everything we have regardless of appearances, encourages Love and Supply to want to replicate Itself through us; It is self-referred to duplicate and mirror the energy we express.

Your lifestyle is an external reflection of your internal world(s.)

What are your beliefs about money?

How deserving do you feel, about allowing increased waves of cash flow into your experience now?

Do you feel fulfilled? Do you express gratitude for the money?

Do you realize that money energy is a friend, and it supports you as you allow it to do?

How much can you receive? Are you willing to receive more?

Prosperity consciousness is not limited to money-centered awareness. Prosperity includes good fortune, thriving situations, successful outcomes, flourishing circumstances, and even good health. It’s important to remember that prosperous limitations are self-created; don’t limit your prosperity to money imagery, but do include money imagery (the smell, the feel, the appearance) in your manifestation meditations, when money is the focal point.

Please too, remember that Supply will find you through its many forms.


Seek prosperity, and it will seek you.

Love prosperity, and it will love you.

~ Emerald Hart

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