Progress is best measured in small steps, in moments.

Every step, each moment, combines into an evolutionary whole.

With diligence and practice, you create a lifestyle you love to live.

Be present as the Superstar in your life, to enrich yourself fully.

~ Emerald Hart

The electromagnetic fields of our hearts are much more potent than are those of our brains. We are always enmeshed into the Stuff that is made up of particles, electricity, and magnetism. To change our experiences, we first change the feelings radiated by our hearts.

It’s natural to have life materialize in variations that seem to be a wee bit, or a lot different than what you hoped for; it takes practice and that’s just what you’re here to do. Engage the present moment with your undivided attention and recreate it, just the way you want it to be.

It will show up as you hoped when your vibration equals that of your vision, and

your plan was more substantial than wishful thinking.

It is an implosion process within you.


Allow the implosion to occur by releasing control of externalities and surrendering to a gentleness with yourself. We are beings of progression, not perfection. Creating perfect moments refers to designing incremental experiences, which support your feelings of contentment. 

What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi


Potential to Stream thru Knowledge
to Enlightenment

Belief. Faith. Knowledge. Wisdom. SE101

How Could You Stream to Enlightenment from Knowledge?

You Belong with Us!

Learn. Create. Live.

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