The Zen of Tao is the Nothing of All.

~ Emerald Hart

How do you feel now, in this moment after reading that?

Do you notice feelings of openness and spaciousness, or something contrary to that?

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If you are experiencing an openness, you are realizing oneness with simply being in the moment, as might a young child in wonderment, without answers or judgment – open to the possibilities of all that is.

To the inquisitive and censoring mind that seeks for definition through mechanical scrutiny, that poetic statement is an oxymoron. Such is the structuring of Tao as it is written through language.

By not concentrating on the meanings of apparent dualities, understanding comes later through unity with life’s paradoxes – a oneness with simply being through an observation of opposites.

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Hence the zest of Taoistic canons, written as dualistic euphuisms. We are too, mindful of the limitations of symbolic communication, expressed as spoken and written languages.

The previous Blog included this quip from verse 2 of the Tao Te Ching:

…The difficult is born in the easy.
Long is defined by short,
the high by the low.
Before and after go along
with each other…
So the sage lives openly with apparent duality and paradoxical unity.

Tao teaches as a path of understanding and self-acceptance, through the awareness that within life’s contradictions there is self-realization, which is then, a fundamental premise of self-actualization. By honoring and embracing the Tao within you – the dualities of humanism – you find peaceful power.

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Congratulate yourself for making a choice to be in paradoxical unity,

a oneness where all of the spectrum simply is.

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Tao is undefinable and is yet, completion. It is Oneness with All That Is. Live in that space place.

There is an unknown answer to every question.

Find it and you find the Zen of Tao.

~ Emerald Hart

As humans, we are part of the whole, named as the Universe.

Our perceptions tell us otherwise, but we are not separate from the rest.

Focus on the space between thoughts, words, or objects;

It is the zero gravity point of self-empowerment and enlightenment – the zen space place.

~Emerald Hart

What is the Zen of the Present Moment?


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