Zen demystified is a state of enlightenment, but is it an arrival at completion?

Even though it’s no fun to do, let’s take the mystique out of, enlightenment. What is a state of arrival within the zen paradigm? It is undiluted consciousness paired with Source energy.

Why do you care about that? As a co-creator, you replicate the life force energy within the God Stuff and manage those inclusive elements to materialize your intentions into the physical realm where humans live on Earth.

Be Your Creator – Partner with Your Maker

How do you suppose, you should do that?

Well of course, the first step is to connect with Universal consciousness.

The art of zen is a poetic journey to achieve self-mastery.

Is the state of prosperity or abundance an arrival at completion?

Of course not; they are pre-emptive states of being, which encompass components of a whole person.

The state of zen, enlightenment so to write, is a method or tool for endless evolution and it is also a state of being in Wholeness.

First, we arrive at a state of being, a plateau, and then we realize there is one more steep to climb to arrive at yet one more apex – another situation, circumstance, awareness, etc. From there, the landscape of our horizon changes, and we have an expanded capacity to appreciate more; we have allowed ourselves to appreciate and embrace yet one more aspect of ourselves, from which we were previously self-estranged due to the conditions of humanality.

Such is the wonderment of the journey as a human, in this domain. Do you recall when you lived elsewhere, and the density factor of that realm was not so cumbersome?

The atmosphere of zen is our natural state of being,

when we are not distracted with the elements within the human condition

as we know it to be on Earth.


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Potential to Stream thru Knowledge
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