Sedona Empowermentâ„¢ is a soulful science founded to provide an eased pathway for those seeking assistance to learn about themselves, and to develop their innate skills of self-realization while manifesting external experiences to their contentment.

The hallmark philosophies of love, compassion, generosity, zen, and forgiveness are fundamental presentations. The wisdom of this technology is premised on a synthesis of science: The Theory of Relativity, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and associated theories, and The Law of Attraction.

The Sedona Empowerment technology is universally compatible with cultural creeds, religions, arts, and ancient ideologies. The ideal perfect moment is individually defined as a condition or situation that is suited to personal contentment. A core premise is that of loving oneself and others to expand abundant experiences and prosperity consciousness.

How you choose to accomplish your end goals is of course, a series of personal choices. The philosophies and scientific theories incorporated within Sedona Empowerment work all the time every time. The presentations and discussions are planned to be supportive, as we learn to add value to others, situations, circumstances, relationships, events, and life itself.

Personal discipline is part of the zen journey. It is the cultivation of present moment awareness, which is practiced by the masters each moment regardless of what is transpiring simultaneously in physicality as conditions, events, and activities.

Sedona Empowerment is a system that emphasizes learning to enlightenment for practitioners by the most direct means possible, the zen path of mastery. Developing the state of empty-mindedness, the mind that is like an empty cup waiting to be filled, is Zen.

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