We are the light and love we see in others.

The feelings and energy we broadcast is mirrored back to us through others

whether it be people, animals, or even plants.

The universal plasma is a reflective medium, too.

Self-love is not the selfish fear-based variety created through ego, but is instead an unrestricted state of flowing energy; it is selfless. Kindness is expressed through heart-energy.

The colors of the Sacred Heart Chakra©  are fuchsia and magenta- a seldom acknowledged, essential component of the integrated centers within the human energy systems. This chakra participates in aspects of self-esteem and self-love; and, integrates them through the mechanisms of self-confidence, acceptance, and nurturing support.  It completes the details of clarion connectiveness to All That Is.

When we love ourselves more, our vibrations shift to be like that of Divine Love.

We are then enabled to be selfless ambassadors,

supporting others to feel loveliness about themselves and all that is.

As a result, the Divine Source of all that is, is attracted to us because we are reflective of It. The Source is self-referring. When we feel and broadcast Love, Love seeks after Itself through us.

What we seek, seeks us.

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